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Why Event Technology Companies Lack Pricing Transparency

Why Event Technology Companies Lack Pricing Transparency

June 29, 2022

Pricing transparency in event technology companies is lacking, to say the least. Many event platforms offer no pricing structures at all while others only give ballpark estimates. As a recent Skift Meetings article points out, event planners often have no time or energy to sit through long demos and discuss pricing for weeks. But as Will and Brandt point out in this episode, transparency is not easy to achieve in the world of SaaS and event technology. Costs depend on the size of the event and the features planners want to implement.


Our dynamic duo has talked about transparency in the event industry before, but not about the event technology space specifically. But if you need a transparent comparison of top event platform providers, make sure to check out Endless' transparent 100 Top Event Platforms spreadsheet where you can compare companies based on pricing, features, and more. And now, without further ado, here is the Event Tech Podcast!

10 Event Technology Trends: Hot Or Hype?

10 Event Technology Trends: Hot Or Hype?

June 13, 2022

Today's episode of the Event Tech Podcast was inspired by a recent Event Leadership Institute summit where Brandt and Will did a fast rundown on ten event technology trends. For each of them, they had to quickly decide whether they truly were a trend or just hype. Most of the trends have gotten their own standalone Event Tech Podcast episode already. If you need a quick refresher on what Will and Brandt think about them, then this episode is perfect for you.

Here are the 10 event technology trends that Will and Brandt discuss in this unique and exciting episode:

  1. NFTs,
  2. blockchain,
  3. metaverse,
  4. drones,
  5. smart glasses & AR,
  6. community marketing,
  7. privacy & security,
  8. machine learning & AI,,
  9. facial recognition,
  10. attendee tracking.

Which ones will make it to the hot list and which ones are merely hype? Tune in and find out.

Read the episode's show notes here

The Current State Of Event Technology Labor

The Current State Of Event Technology Labor

May 31, 2022

Between the brain drain in the events industry and labor shortages, the event technology labor has transformed dramatically. And not for the better: event planners are finding it increasingly hard to hire reliable and experienced vendors at a reasonable price.

Those who have survived the harsh conditions of the pandemic are fully booked and expensive. On the other hand, there is a wave of new labor coming in, but they are not as experienced. Aside from increasing their event budgets, what should event planners do?

Join Will and Brandt as they talk about the current state of event technology labor. They give sound advice to event planners and up-and-coming event technology enthusiasts who are just getting started in the events industry.

See the episode's show notes here.

Why Peloton Can Do Hybrid Events, And You Can’t

Why Peloton Can Do Hybrid Events, And You Can’t

May 16, 2022

In this week's Event Tech Podcast episode, Will and Brandt discuss Peloton because, as it turns out, their workouts make for a great hybrid event case study. They claim that event planners should take note. After all, the world-famous exercise equipment company has managed to grow a strong community through its content delivery, social media presence, and audience engagement.


Brandt admits that he never thought of Peloton content as a hybrid event case study. But in this episode, he admits that Peloton indeed ticks off all the hybrid event boxes. They talk about the technology, production, content, diversity, and gamification aspects of Peloton. Even if you do not own a Peloton, this episode is well worth a listen. It just might inspire your hybrid event planning process.

See the episode's show notes here.

Event Notifications: How To Best Notify Attendees?

Event Notifications: How To Best Notify Attendees?

May 2, 2022

There are many ways to send out event notifications: via email, SMS, private messaging apps, and event platforms. And as we embrace event technology as the base of our events, they're becoming increasingly more important. How we communicate with our attendees matters, so it's vital to learn what mode of communication they prefer and not be too spammy.


So, what is the best way to deliver email notifications? Is it push notification or a text? Brandt and Will go over several solutions, discussing the pros and cons of which. But as always, what matters the most is that event planners know their stakeholders well. Don't force anything they do not like or know on them just because it's the newest event tech trend.

Read the episode's show notes.

The Digital Divide: Will The Rush To The Metaverse Leave People Behind?

The Digital Divide: Will The Rush To The Metaverse Leave People Behind?

April 18, 2022

The Event Tech Podcast is often so excited about all the innovation, new event platforms, and other event tech solutions on the market that we forget to talk about the digital divide in the events industry. Let's face it: most event technology needs a strong internet connection to run smoothly. But what about those who don't have their own Wi-Fi set up?

In today's Event Tech Podcast episode, Will and Brandt answer a poignant question by one of the podcast's listeners. Attendees need Wi-Fi to access virtual events. So, how can we connect with low-income families who might not have access to the internet?

A difficult question, but Brandt and Will come up with several solutions. Then, they also address how certain people might simply be reluctant to embrace event technology, such as Metaverse or VR. What do we do with those audiences? Surely we cannot just leave them behind. Tune in and find out what our event tech masters have to say!

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Matchmaking Services: twine Acquired Glimpse

Matchmaking Services: twine Acquired Glimpse

April 4, 2022

The Event Tech Podcast hosts believe that event technology is an amazing foundation for events. Numerous data insights, continuous audience engagement, and endless sponsorship opportunities - what's not to love? Today, they discuss yet another amazing event technology solution: data-based matchmaking services.

Not only do matchmaking services change the way we can network at virtual events, but they also have immense potential to improve remote company culture and make the most of our internal meetings.

It just so happens that in one of the latest acquisitions in the event technology world, two companies that are all about elevating breakout rooms and providing matchmaking as a service joined forces. We're talking about twine acquiring Glimpse - a match made in heaven.

Will and Brandt welcome Lawrence Coburn, the co-founder and CEO of twine, and Helena Merk, the co-founder and CEO of Glimpse, to talk about their respective products, the recent acquisition, twine for Zoom, and the metaverse-like future of remote work.

Tune in; match-optimization technology doesn't only concern event planners, but also everybody interested in making their remote works more connected in organic and dynamic ways.

Check out the episode's show notes!

Event Platform Case Study: Meet Remo!

Event Platform Case Study: Meet Remo!

March 21, 2022

Every now and then, the Event Tech Podcast reviews a certain product or service. This week, Brandt and Endless Events' Kyle Kocinski do a case study on Remo, one of the top 22 event platforms to use in 2022. The competition among event platforms is stiff these days, so it's crucial that event planners understand what makes a certain platform stand out from the rest.

Brandt and Kyle welcome Amy Hyatt, the Head of Customer Success at Remo, who brought along Remo's client, Michael Willoughby, the Tech Director at Battle Born Progress. They go over Remo's features and learn what Michael's experience with the platform has been like.

Remo is a map-based virtual event platform that has been building events and meetings since 2018. Among their most celebrated features are brandability, customer support, community, and interactive maps. Once Battle Born Progress got a taste of the virtual world, they are not going back, Michael says. Remo must be something right! Tune in and learn what makes the platform stand out from the rest in this Remo case study.

Why Customer Support Should Be Your #1 Event Tech Feature

Why Customer Support Should Be Your #1 Event Tech Feature

March 7, 2022

When we talk about the most popular event platform features, we typically think of registration and ticketing, integrations, gamification, and analytics reporting, for example. But what good are any of those if event planners are not taught how to use them or if they stop working mid-event? Will and Brandt think that the #1 event tech feature should therefore be customer support. Event planners should have somebody available to them 24/7. The success of their event depends on it!


In today's Event Tech Podcast episode, Will and Brandt will talk about the importance of customer service and what planners can do to choose the right platform when doing research. It's all about the onboarding process and transparent implementation. And finally, software companies should see event planners as long-term partners rather than one-time customers.

Engagement & Networking At Events With Mark Herschberg!

Engagement & Networking At Events With Mark Herschberg!

February 23, 2022

Events are not simply about delivering valuable content and giving people some time to speak to each other. No - the magic of events lies in the overall experience your audience has. Today's Event Tech Podcast guest knows this even though he's not an event prof. He's been to many conferences both as an attendee as well as a keynote speaker, so he knows all about engagement and networking at events

Our guest is Mark Herschberg, an MIT instructor, the author of The Career Toolkit, speaker, and CTO. While he is not in the events industry bubble, he nonetheless knows a lot about events and conferences. And what he's noticed is a serious lack of audience engagement. In his blog post, Creating Engaging Conferences Your Attendees Will Love, he explains that content alone is not enough to make an event a success. Instead, event planners should focus on creating the right experience for the attendees.

But how? Tune in to today's Event Tech Podcast episode and find out! Will, Brandt, and Mark will be talking about networking at events and audience engagement tactics that truly go a long way when creating engaging event experiences.

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