Event Tech Podcast

Better Event Networking With Mixtroz

December 16, 2019

Another week, another exciting tech talk - and this time around, we'll be diving deep into Mixtroz. So, as you already know, the Event Tech Podcast is here to bring you the latest news in event tech. And, of course, the most interesting and groundbreaking tools that you can have available at your event. This is why we're giving you the breakdown of one of the most appealing event software out there - Mixtroz! If networking is your thing, then this episode will certainly excite you.

In order to provide you with the freshest and most complete information, we have the honor to introduce Ashlee Ammons. Ashlee is the co-founder of Mixtroz, so she can tell you everything you need to know. And joining her is none other than our amazing host, Brandt Krueger. Together, the two will dive deep into the background of Mixtroz, how it came to be, and why it is something you will definitely want to implement at your next event. Are you ready for this? Press play, we're getting techy!

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