Event Tech Podcast

Crowd Mics: Turning Phones Into Mics For Events

April 22, 2019

Another Monday, another Event Tech Podcast, today introducing Crowd Mics for events! Everyone can relate to the annoyances of sound during a live event. Whether it's the speaker, the audience, or the AV company, these little glitches affect everyone. Ultimately, they affect the success of an otherwise awesome event, and no one wants that.

How often have you asked yourself: "Wouldn't it be awesome if I could just turn my phone into a mic?". Well, you've probably wondered about this in several situations of your life. But with events, in particular, imagine just how much this small tweak could be a game changer. No more mic runners for anyone! If an attendee wants to ask a question, he could just turn his phone into a wireless microphone. Almost sounds like magic, right? Well, it's not - it's actually Crowd Mics for events!

Back in 2013, two brothers conceived this idea. The following year, the product was launched, and our host Brandt Krueger got to sit down with them for the first time. And today, five years later, Brandt and Will Curran welcome brothers Tim and Sean Halladay. For this week's Event Tech Podcast, the four reminisce about the rollercoaster past, what's new in the present, and what the future might bring. Amp up your speakers, because this week is all about the journey of Crowd Mics for events!

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