Event Tech Podcast

Brandt Krueger & Will Curran’s Favorite Event Apps

April 29, 2019

Event apps have opened some fantastic doors for everyone in the industry. In general, technology has been a top-notch ally to put together world-class events! And because Event Tech Podcast is all about, well, tech, today's episode is a very special one. Our hosts, Brandt Krueger, and Will Curran get together to do a round-up of their favorite event apps!

There's a little something for everyone, whether you're a planner, a manager, or a supplier. And no matter if we're looking at security, productivity, or things directly related to your line of work, there's surely an app for you. Today's episode is all about making your life better and your job easier, so let's get going - it's time to know more about Brandt and Will's favorite event apps!

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