Event Tech Podcast

Event Cybersecurity Risks Every Event Prof Should Know

March 11, 2019

As event profs, we hold so much data within our registrations, software, and events. We have peoples addresses, credit card numbers, emails, phone numbers, even flight, and hotel information. If you aren’t protecting people's information you are making yourself and your clients an easy target for a cyber breach. If event cybersecurity is not on your radar yet we guarantee you by the end of this episode of Event Tech Podcast you will be running to your computer to implement the tips we are about to share!

In today’s episode, Will Curran and Brandt Krueger are going to talk all about cybersecurity at events, why it will be the next big thing (and should be!) in event tech, and how you can take steps to improve your event cybersecurity. Will and Brandt will share their top three ways to protect your events information, how and what cyber attackers will look for, personal anecdotes and more. You cannot miss this episode! 


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