Event Tech Podcast

Looking Back At 2020 In Events

November 2, 2020

First things first - the Event Tech Podcast is back! And what better way to kickstart one of your favorite podcasts than to look back at 2020 in events? Obviously, both of our amazing hosts have been extremely busy. As event profs, Will Curran and Brandt Krueger had the ungrateful experience of witnessing the devastating effect of a global pandemic in their lives and businesses. But the good thing about change is that it invariably forces growth in every direction.

So today, we open the floor to our incredible nerd-talking duo. Will and Brandt have a lot to catch up on and a lot to share with event profs everywhere. How did their professional lives change? What will the future look like? And what do we have to say about the industry now that things have stabilized for a bit? So without further delay, here's the Event Tech Podcast, in all its former glory, with a look back at 2020 in events.


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