Event Tech Podcast

The Art Of Maintaining Eye Contact With The Camera

December 20, 2021

It's almost 2022! By now, most of us have attended more virtual events than we can count and gotten used to the concept of remote work. While successfully joining a Zoom call used to be considered a success in itself, we are slowly, but surely, raising our standards around presenting ourselves on cameras. Brandt and Will have covered this topic in the past: they've talked extensively about setting up great backdrops and getting your audio in order. Today, they go into the nitty-gritty and focus solely on the art of maintaining eye contact with the camera.

They don't lose much energy explaining why eye contact matters. It's pretty straightforward: eye contact makes us feel connected and engaged. They go over simple solutions for improving the way we interact with the camera. Some will cost you absolutely nothing, while others can be bought for a reasonable amount of money. For the very last time in 2021, here is the Event Tech Podcast!

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