Event Tech Podcast

Here‘s How To Rank & Choose An Event Platform!

December 6, 2021

As listeners of the Event Tech Podcast already know, choosing the right event platform is one of the most important decisions event planners can make for their long-term event strategy. Last week, the Endless Events team published the list of the 22 best event platforms to use in 2022. Enthusiastic and curious as ever, Will and Brandt wanted to know what went on behind the scenes. How did they rank them? What features did they prioritize? Today, they're on a quest to find out! And who better to talk to about top event platforms than Endless' Kyle Kocinski! He's been on the Event Tech Podcast before, talking about the future of virtual and hybrid event platforms.

Today, he joins the podcast again to explain how the Endless team created this report. What makes this list credible is the fact that none of these top event platforms paid Endless to be featured on the list. Kyle says that he and his team considered over 500 event technology providers and ranked them based on several parameters. Press play and find out more about the logic behind putting together this informative list and more!

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