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Stepping Up The Game: Here‘s Why You Need To Look Better On Camera

October 11, 2021

It's been 18 months since many event profs first encountered Zoom. Back then, turning on the laptop camera and joining the call successfully was already considered a huge success. But as time went by, the standards for virtual event production started rising. Presenters and team members alike learned how to look better on camera. Event technology masters, such as our hosts, Will and Brandt, gave out advice on the best virtual speaker gear. As we're slowly stepping into the third year of the pandemic, we've all come to understand that looking your best on video calls matters ... Or did we?

The Event Tech podcast duo thinks that there's still room for improvement. And so, they decided to go back to basics and revisit this good old topic. It doesn't just apply to event planners who are planning their next big event. If you ever need to hop on a call, you should give this episode a listen. You might feel called out, but remember, Will and Brandt are only trying to help and make the events industry a better place. Without further ado, let's talk tech!

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