Event Tech Podcast

Brandt Krueger Presents: A Live Stream Horror Story!

January 11, 2021

When you work in production, you come across your own particular brand of horror stories. And now that our professions have been irrevocably changed, these happen quite often. So it's not hard to imagine that people like our host, Brandt Krueger, technical producer extraordinaire, have quite a few tales to tell...and it's worse than you might think!

But just like with every bad experience, there's something to be learned. This is why this week's episode of the Event Tech Podcast will be all about a live stream horror story that Brandt recently lived through. And as he explains to us and Will just how abysmal the whole experience was, there are plenty of notes to take. It's time to learn from other people's mishaps but in an enjoyable way. Press play and join our lovely hosts for another episode of the most tech-induced podcast in the industry!

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