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Engagement & Networking At Events With Mark Herschberg!

February 23, 2022

Events are not simply about delivering valuable content and giving people some time to speak to each other. No - the magic of events lies in the overall experience your audience has. Today's Event Tech Podcast guest knows this even though he's not an event prof. He's been to many conferences both as an attendee as well as a keynote speaker, so he knows all about engagement and networking at events

Our guest is Mark Herschberg, an MIT instructor, the author of The Career Toolkit, speaker, and CTO. While he is not in the events industry bubble, he nonetheless knows a lot about events and conferences. And what he's noticed is a serious lack of audience engagement. In his blog post, Creating Engaging Conferences Your Attendees Will Love, he explains that content alone is not enough to make an event a success. Instead, event planners should focus on creating the right experience for the attendees.

But how? Tune in to today's Event Tech Podcast episode and find out! Will, Brandt, and Mark will be talking about networking at events and audience engagement tactics that truly go a long way when creating engaging event experiences.

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