Event Tech Podcast

Scope Creep In The Events Industry: When Client-Pleasing Goes Too Far

October 25, 2021

Halloween is upon us, which means it's time for the Event Tech Podcast to cover a truly spooky topic: scope creep. See, it even has the word 'creep' in it! So, what does it mean? When your project's vision and goals change so much that they no longer fit the initial agreement, you've got yourself a pretty bad case of scope creep. Not only is it a living nightmare for all project managers, but it also negatively affects everybody else in the process: your team, your stakeholders, and your attendees.

In an industry in which changes and flexibility are the norm even if you've got the best event timeline and you know your event goals inside and out, scope creep is all the more dangerous. Brandt and Will have both experienced it, so they've decided to share their negative experiences with the listeners and come up with some solutions that help curb this fiendish phenomenon.

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