Event Tech Podcast

Event Platform Case Study: Meet Remo!

March 21, 2022

Every now and then, the Event Tech Podcast reviews a certain product or service. This week, Brandt and Endless Events' Kyle Kocinski do a case study on Remo, one of the top 22 event platforms to use in 2022. The competition among event platforms is stiff these days, so it's crucial that event planners understand what makes a certain platform stand out from the rest.

Brandt and Kyle welcome Amy Hyatt, the Head of Customer Success at Remo, who brought along Remo's client, Michael Willoughby, the Tech Director at Battle Born Progress. They go over Remo's features and learn what Michael's experience with the platform has been like.

Remo is a map-based virtual event platform that has been building events and meetings since 2018. Among their most celebrated features are brandability, customer support, community, and interactive maps. Once Battle Born Progress got a taste of the virtual world, they are not going back, Michael says. Remo must be something right! Tune in and learn what makes the platform stand out from the rest in this Remo case study.

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