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Matchmaking Services: twine Acquired Glimpse

April 4, 2022

The Event Tech Podcast hosts believe that event technology is an amazing foundation for events. Numerous data insights, continuous audience engagement, and endless sponsorship opportunities - what's not to love? Today, they discuss yet another amazing event technology solution: data-based matchmaking services.

Not only do matchmaking services change the way we can network at virtual events, but they also have immense potential to improve remote company culture and make the most of our internal meetings.

It just so happens that in one of the latest acquisitions in the event technology world, two companies that are all about elevating breakout rooms and providing matchmaking as a service joined forces. We're talking about twine acquiring Glimpse - a match made in heaven.

Will and Brandt welcome Lawrence Coburn, the co-founder and CEO of twine, and Helena Merk, the co-founder and CEO of Glimpse, to talk about their respective products, the recent acquisition, twine for Zoom, and the metaverse-like future of remote work.

Tune in; match-optimization technology doesn't only concern event planners, but also everybody interested in making their remote works more connected in organic and dynamic ways.

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