Event Tech Podcast

Why Customer Support Should Be Your #1 Event Tech Feature

March 7, 2022

When we talk about the most popular event platform features, we typically think of registration and ticketing, integrations, gamification, and analytics reporting, for example. But what good are any of those if event planners are not taught how to use them or if they stop working mid-event? Will and Brandt think that the #1 event tech feature should therefore be customer support. Event planners should have somebody available to them 24/7. The success of their event depends on it!


In today's Event Tech Podcast episode, Will and Brandt will talk about the importance of customer service and what planners can do to choose the right platform when doing research. It's all about the onboarding process and transparent implementation. And finally, software companies should see event planners as long-term partners rather than one-time customers.

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