Event Tech Podcast

Why Event Technology Companies Lack Pricing Transparency

June 29, 2022

Pricing transparency in event technology companies is lacking, to say the least. Many event platforms offer no pricing structures at all while others only give ballpark estimates. As a recent Skift Meetings article points out, event planners often have no time or energy to sit through long demos and discuss pricing for weeks. But as Will and Brandt point out in this episode, transparency is not easy to achieve in the world of SaaS and event technology. Costs depend on the size of the event and the features planners want to implement.


Our dynamic duo has talked about transparency in the event industry before, but not about the event technology space specifically. But if you need a transparent comparison of top event platform providers, make sure to check out Endless' transparent 100 Top Event Platforms spreadsheet where you can compare companies based on pricing, features, and more. And now, without further ado, here is the Event Tech Podcast!

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