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Ziotag: Creating A Searchable Content Database For Attendees

May 27, 2020

It’s time to learn about how to create a content database! When an event reaches the end, most planners forget all the amazing content opportunities it can still provide. And especially now with virtual events, the possibilities are endless. Because you have all of these amazing hours of content recorded. They’re at your disposal and, if you make good use of them, at the disposal of your attendees. But what happens once you reach a point where there is simply too much-recorded content? Hours and hours of video of people talking about extremely interesting topics? How do you make it more accessible? And how can you harness it into a digital marketing tool to promote upcoming events?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about on this episode of the Event Tech Podcast! Our incredible host Will Curran is joined by Todd Giannattasio, the co-founder of Ziotag. And Ziotag is the tool event planners everywhere have been waiting for! It’s an AI-powered video player that will help you create a seamless content database using your existing library of videos. The results? More views, increased engagement, and a powerful marketing tool for planners. Are you curious? Then press play and join us on yet another exciting adventure through the world of event technology!

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