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Mindfulness In Events: Shaping The Leaders of The Industry

June 8, 2020

Mindfulness in events. These three words might seem foreign to many. And to others, they can actually be scary. But what does mindless in events even mean? How does it help professionals in the industry? And most importantly, should we practice it? Well, the short answer to the last questions is yes. Because it’s no secret to anyone that event planners tend to use stress as a badge of honor, right? We’re always busy, always scrambling, and there are a million things that demand our attention. Especially in times like these, when everything is so uncertain, mental health suffers. But are we really so busy that we forget to think about ourselves?

That’s what our very special guest for this week wonders. The extraordinary Lee Papa is an internationally recognized Mindfulness and Meditation speaker and trainer, specializing in the Meetings, Events, Hospitality, and Travel industries. For years, Lee has been teaching professionals in the industry about the importance of mindfulness in events. And today, she’ll be walking us through her personal experiences, the importance of this practice, and exactly why we should be doing it. So grab a nice, warm cup of tea and join us for an incredible edition of the Event Tech Podcast – it might just change your outlook on life!

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