Event Tech Podcast

Creating Amazing Exhibitor Experiences For Virtual And Hybrid Events

August 24, 2020

With the industry witnessing a seismic shift, challenges are plentiful. And one of those challenges relates to creating exhibitor experiences for virtual and hybrid events. Because while these formats have unique demands, it's not all impossible to deal with! Some parts of an in-person event are actually rather easy to replicate in a hybrid or virtual setting. However, when it comes down to sponsors and exhibitors, the name of the game is hardly the same. And you've probably found yourself scratching your head over it a few times.

Well, not anymore! Because this week, we're bringing back the Event Tech Podcast. And our awesome host Will Curran is proud to welcome Matthew Funge as a guest. Matthew is the Managing Director and co-founder of Your Stand Builder, an award-winning company that "revolutionizes the way companies all around the world prepare for their exhibitions". So who better than him to teach us how to create amazing exhibitor experiences for virtual and hybrid events? Press play and join the chat!

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