Event Tech Podcast

The Power of Multi-Hub Meetings: Maarten Vanneste

September 9, 2019

Care to join us for some stimulating conversation about multi-hub meetings? Well, then you are in luck! Because this week’s episode of Event Tech Podcast is all about this up and coming, exciting topic. Everyone who works in the event industry knows the power of meetings. And who says we have to stop at single-hub meetings? If you think that should be the case then this episode is about to change your mind.

Joining our phenomenal and always entertaining hosts is a very special guest. Will Curran and Brandt Krueger welcome Maarten Vanneste. An entrepreneur since he was only 18 years old, Maarten has over 35 years of experience in meeting design. He’s an author, a speaker, a trainer. And since 2012, he has organized the FRESH Conference in Europe. Ready to hear all about the ground-breaking magic of multi-hub meetings? Don’t miss a beat, it’s Event Tech Podcast time!

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