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Event Pricing: Attendees Paying What They Choose

May 18, 2020

What are the odds you've been thinking hard about event pricing? With all that is happening in the industry right now, we're guessing they're high. Because virtual events are now the norm. And figuring out how much you should charge your attendees is a challenge. With an in-person experience, it was easier. You had previous examples to draw from, and the numbers were a little more clear. But now that the paradigm has shifted, the questions about event pricing changed too.

And we previously covered some ways you can learn to figure out how to price your virtual event. But today, we wanted to bring you yet another interesting option. Imagine a world where your attendees pay what they want for the experience. A world where they attend and only after do they decide how much the experience was worth. Sounds strange, right? But in reality, it can be a game.changer for you! So, in order to explain everything a little bit better, we welcome Kahlil Ashanti of weshowup. He'll tell you and our amazing host, Will Curran, all about this event pricing model. Join us right now and learn how you can adopt it!

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