Event Tech Podcast

The Future Is Now: The Case Of Event App Design

March 15, 2021

Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the events industry was a well-oiled machine. Virtual and hybrid events were nowhere near as common. While every big event to already had its own event app, the event app design was something only a few businesses dealt with. Then came March 2020 and with it, huge changes. Event technology is no longer just one aspect of an event. It's the very heart of hybrid and virtual events! No wonder our hosts believe that it feels as if we've time-travelled all the way to 2030 in the last 10 months as far as technology goes.

Today's Event Tech Podcast episode tackles it all: the changes in the world of event tech, hybrid events, awesome event app design advice for increased engagement, and speculations about the future. Will and Brandt are passionate techies, so they know it all!

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