Event Tech Podcast

Google IO And Microsoft Build: Exploring The Future Of Technology

May 20, 2019

Today on Event Tech Podcast we explore Google IO and Microsoft Build. You already know this is your go-to source on all things tech. So on this week's episode, we're talking about two of the biggest developer conferences in the world! Both Google and Microsoft took center stage on their respective events to talk about their technologies. What they can do, how they can change the future, and in what way developers can build on top of them.

So, curious to know where the world of technology is headed? Wait no longer, and join our awesome hosts, Will Curran, and Brandt Krueger. Together, they dive into the specifics of each event and walk us through what we can expect from the future of tech, courtesy of Google IO and Microsoft Build. Let's go!



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Google I/O 2019 Highlights


Vision Keynote Highlights // Microsoft Build 2019




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