Event Tech Podcast

How A Technical Producer Will Take Your Event To The Next Level

July 22, 2019

If you work in the event industry, then you've heard of a technical producer. But how much thought have you paid to this role? And how much credit do you give to a technical producer? Well, you know that here at Endless we've covered the topic of labor several times. Whether it was a Whiteboard Wednesday or a blog post, we want to make sure you're familiar with the human component of events. And a technical producer is one of those components, one that can make your event a lot better. 

For those who are familiar with the Event Tech Podcast, you know our amazing hosts, Will Curran, and Brandt Krueger. But what you might not know is that Brandt Krueger is actually a technical producer himself! So who better to walk us through the specifications of this role, and how you can actually harness it to take your event to the next level? Take a seat, because you're about to be schooled on the wonders of a technical producer! Click here to read the full blog and get the transcript

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