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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Event Platforms Getting Investments

April 26, 2021

Event app platforms have been all the rage for quite some time now in the world of event tech, so it's only natural that investments in event platforms come next. Hopin, the 2019 London-based start-up, is considered a unicorn among event apps. In such a short span of time, it has managed to attract enormous investments. But should we care?

Time and time again, Will and Brandt have proven to the Event Tech Podcast listeners that they are experts in all things tech. In this week's episode, however, they demonstrate that they also have a sharp eye for business. They take a closer look at the news about Hopin's staggering $5.65 billion valuation. Most readers take such news at face value and view the investment as a success, but Will and Brandt know what goes on behind the scenes. What exactly does this mean for Hopin and what does it say about other event platforms? Tune in and find out what the spicy duo has to say!

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