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Zoom For Virtual Events: An Event Tech Podcast Review

April 8, 2020

Zoom for virtual events: is it really your best option? This has been the question on many planners’ minds. And now that virtual events are set to be the norm in the industry, it’s more pertinent than ever. Because everyone knows Zoom. It’s been around for a while and many companies use it as their go-to conference platform. But how does it fare where virtual events are concerned? Should you even bother looking for another option since Zoom seems like a safe choice?

These are only some of the questions we’ll be answering today. Our incredible host Will Curran is a veteran Zoom user. So that means he can offer you all the guidance on the topic of Zoom for virtual events! If you’re ready to learn more, then wait no further – press play and join us for another awesome edition of the Event Tech Podcast! Check out the resources, transcription and more for this week here! 

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